Printing begins with a goal or purpose. Printing allows you to communicate, inform and influence.
Formax is dedicated to taking care of every detail to help you achieve your printing goals, from idea – to design – to printing – to distribution. We are experts at monitoring and managing your printing projects whether simple or complex. Our clients tell us that they sleep better knowing that we are overseeing the entire process.

Single color through full color printing


The use of color in print increases readership and information retention.
Studies in a major publication revealed that the use of color increased readership by 40% or more. A university study showed a 65% increase in the retention of material when full color was used instead of black and white.

CMYK Process Printing Features

  • Uses same 4 standardized base colors all the time (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)
  • Small dots of these colors are printed at different angles to create the printed image
  • Most widely used and cost effective color system in commercial printing
  • Significantly cheaper than toner based printing for larger quantity runs