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aboutWe’re so excited you’re here! If you don’t already know, Yin Printing is best known for our superior quality and timely delivery.

Our products are all about you. We know that everything you print through Yin Printing, is a reflection of you and/or your company.Your brand is your business. And, we’re committed to creating expanding capabilities and streamlined processes that help you focus on elevating your business, while maintaining your brand.

Why choose us?

Yin Printing offers seamless, cost-effective post press finishing options – including folding, binding (including perfect binding). Our highly experienced finishing team works with the latest print finishing technology. Your product will be completed with a high degree of attention to detail and to a high quality standard. Contact us for help choosing the finishing process for your product.

Our values have help us to develop a strong customer focus, deliver quality by using the latest technology while minimising our environmental impact.

Yin Printing is highly regarded by our customers for excellent customer service and production efficiency. Our operational process supports an on-demand, fast turnaround approach to job completion. We focus on our customers deadline while aiming for a same day service, where physically possible. Our in-house print finishing ensures greater quality management control, convenience and for our clients.

Our systems ensure best business practices, quality management and continuous improvement processes that are continuously maintained and updated. Our printer fleet is constantly upgraded to meet demand and the technology changes, to ensure the highest possible standards in print quality is achieved.

Prepress Stage:

Files checked & correctable errors such as missing bleeds, incorrect colour-space/profiles, etc. corrected.

Imposition planned to ensure proper folding, creep adjustment etc. Impose diagram handed over for output.

Files processed by RIP checked against signed-off proofs & imposition diagrams before making plates.

Printing Stage:

Ink densities maintained to standards and grey balance achieved for OK sheet.

Both above parameters maintained within tight control limits throughout press run to ensure consistency.

Postpress Stage:

Initial copies checked against signed-off proof for conformance in various respects before full production.

Sampling methodology used for quality-check of finished products.

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